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Gouache is a transparent, water-soluble pigment made from a mixture of pigment, water and colloid. It forms a transparent, thin, shiny layer of color on the paper. Gouache was first invented by ancient Chinese artists and was later widely used in Europe. Gouache paints can be used in many art forms such as painting, illustration and design, and are especially widely used in landscapes, figures and still life.
Gouache Pigment
12/18/24/36 Color Art Grade Aluminum Plastic Tube Gouache Pigment Set 12/18/24/36 Color Art Grade Aluminum Plastic Tube Gouache Pigment Set

12/18/24/36 colors gouache sets with bright colors. High-quality and professional-grade gouache pigm...

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Wuyi Lihua Stationery Supplies Co., Ltd. is an Gouache Pigment manufacturer specializing in art supplies, which is located in Quanxi Town, Wuyi, Zhejiang Province, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Our factory has an excellent management system and our main processed products include semi-dry watercolor pastels, plastic palettes, translucent mono, crayons, face paints, colored eggs, finger painting pigment, plastic accessories and other products.
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Gouache Pigment Knowledge Extension

What is Gouache Paint?

Gouache paint, often simply referred to as "gouache," is a type of water-based paint that is popular among artists for its vibrant and opaque characteristics. It is composed of pigment particles suspended in a binding agent, usually gum arabic, which gives the paint its distinctive creamy consistency. Gouache paint differs from traditional watercolors in its opacity; while watercolors are transparent due to the thinness of the pigment particles, gouache offers greater coverage and opacity due to its larger and more densely packed particles.

Gouache paint can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including paper, illustration board, and even some fabrics. Its versatility makes it a favorite among artists for various techniques, including layering, blending, and even dry brushing. One unique feature of gouache is its ability to be reactivated with water even after it has dried on the surface, allowing for adjustments and corrections, though excessive reworking can lead to a muddy appearance.

What are Gouache Pigments?

Gouache pigments are finely ground, colored substances that form the basis of gouache paint. These pigments are responsible for giving the paint its distinctive hues. Gouache pigments can be sourced from a wide range of natural and synthetic materials, each offering different qualities such as lightfastness, opacity, and color intensity. These pigments are carefully chosen and processed to create a consistent and high-quality paint product.

When creating gouache pigments, color consistency and particle size are important factors. Finer particles contribute to smoother application and more even coverage, while color consistency ensures that artists can rely on predictable outcomes when mixing different colors. Gouache pigments are often labeled with information about their permanence, lightfastness, and transparency, helping artists make informed decisions about their choice of colors.

What is Artist Gouache?

Artist gouache refers to high-quality gouache paints that are formulated with the needs of professional artists in mind. These paints are typically made with higher concentrations of pigments and use higher-grade binding agents, resulting in richer, more vibrant colors and better coverage. The term "artist gouache" signifies a commitment to producing paints that meet the demands of professional illustrators, painters, and designers.

Artist gouache sets often include a wide range of colors, allowing artists to create intricate and complex color palettes. These sets may come in tubes or pans, and they often provide consistent color across various hues. Additionally, artist gouache is usually tested for factors like lightfastness and longevity, ensuring that the artwork created with these paints will maintain its brilliance over time.

Artist gouache designates premium-quality gouache paints crafted to cater to the demands of professional creators. Enriched with higher pigment concentrations and superior binding agents, artist gouache offers intensified colors and enhanced coverage. These paints, available in tube or pan sets, encompass an expansive color spectrum, empowering artists to craft intricate palettes. Rigorously tested for lightfastness and durability, artist gouache ensures the longevity of artworks, cementing its position as an indispensable tool for illustrators, designers, and painters.

In summary, gouache paint is a water-based medium known for its opacity and vibrant colors. Gouache pigments are the colored particles that make up the paint, sourced from various materials and processed for quality. Artist gouache specifically caters to professionals, offering high-quality pigments and better coverage for intricate and lasting artwork.